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Levels of Sponsorship

Of course, here at Gone to the Dogs we are always happy to receive any kind of donation, no matter how small. Every little bit helps, and you can feel that you are helping a worthy cause even if you do not have lots of money to give. Every penny of your donation goes directly to the animals - we have the lowest overhead of any outfit we know. Remember that your contributions are now tax-deductible charitable contributions! Some of our expenses are as follows:

And if you are looking for a really big tax deduction:

We are trying to raise $3500 to pay for site work in preparation for the construction of a second kennel building that would allow ALL of our dogs to live in the comfort of heat and air conditioning. We are also trying to raise $40,000 to construct said building. We have a wonderful builder who will give us a great deal!

The dogs give you a paws up for all contributions, large and small!