About Us

Gone to the Dogs is currently home to 40-something animals that were turned over to us for a variety of reasons. The dogs live in compatible outdoor groups with good quality food, housing, and vet care. They go for a long walk along the river that borders our 20 acres every day.

The dogs are happy and well cared for, but proprietor Strother Sharp would like them to have what every dog really wants: a loving indoor home with a family to call their own. Strother and husband John have been involved in dog rescue for many years, and over time they have provided a temporary foster home for many dogs that had nowhere else to go. Strother takes animals to adoptions on a regular basis and works hard to try to find each and every adoptable dog a permanent home.

When you adopt from Gone to the Dogs, you are not just getting a dog, you are getting a well adjusted family pet - there is a difference! Strother knows the dogs' temperaments and habits very well, and can readily determine which of her dogs (if any) will fit best into specific family situations.

All these dogs have been neutered, are heartworm free, and are current on all vaccinations. They are free of fleas, ticks, and ear mites. Like most rescue organizations, Gone to the Dogs runs continually "in the red;" our $60 adoption fee does not come close to covering our rescue expenses. Donations are tax deductible and are always welcome. Please see our Donations and Sponsorships page.